Chaos, Unconcerned with Our Order

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

i don’t know
what to say
about us

but i see
our threads of

you, me, we
us, them, whole


an ending;
what’s old is
new again

chaos is
our order
without care

with our vows
like clockwork

comes sunrise
to what’s left
of our bond

all we have
lies within

Inspired by my friend Tre’s Tricube in three parts.

*A Tricube consists of three syllables in each line (3) of each stanza; totaling three stanzas for each poem.

Thanks for introducing me to this form, Tre.



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Barry Dawson Jr. IV

Barry Dawson Jr. IV

Medium Top Procrastinator. Guilty of writing under the influence. No, I’m not upset. My face always looks this way. INTP